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Sean Finter

In this episode of our ANANAS Podcast we’re talking to Sean Finter, the Founder and CEO of BarMetrix, a company that works with bars and restaurant groups to optimize their profits.

Monica Berg

In this episode, I have a fellow Norwegian with us; Monica Berg is an internationally acclaimed bar professional and entrepreneur who currently resides in London, where she recently opened her first bar, Tayer + Elementary to much acclaim. She is also a co-founder of P(our) with Alex Kratena, a co-owner and founder of Muyu liqueurs, as well an online safe space for workers in the hospitality industry, called Back of House.

Jack McGarry

In this episode, we have Jack McGarry from the Dead Rabbit in NYC joining us. As far as bartending royalty goes, few are as famous or as accomplished as Jack. The winner of the 2013 International Bartender of the Year award, and the co-owner of the Dead Rabbit with Sean Muldoon; a venue that has won numerous international awards including the prestigious gongs for World’s Best Bar, World’s best Cocktail Bar, World’s Best Drinks Menu and many many more. But there’s more to Jack than being a great bartender. In addition to opening Dead Rabbit, and then Black Tail, Jack and Sean have also co-authored three books, and are currently planning both national and international expansion of their Dead Rabbit Brand, something we’ll be touching on in our conversation.