Monica Berg

In this episode, I have a fellow Norwegian with us; Monica Berg is an internationally acclaimed bar professional and entrepreneur who currently resides in London, where she recently opened her first bar, Tayer + Elementary to much acclaim. She is also a co-founder of P(our) with Alex Kratena, a co-owner and founder of Muyu liqueurs, as well an online safe space for workers in the hospitality industry, called Back of House.

A multi-award-winning bartender and inductee in the Tales of the Cocktail “Dames Hall of Fame”, Monica is considered one of the world’s most influential bar professionals and has in addition to working bars also spent a considerable amount of time travelling the world as a consultant, and running her own businesses.

I had an amazing time chatting to Monica about everything from her love of Akevitt, our Norwegian national Spirit, to what it takes to be a great bartender, and how to add value as a consultant, to what it’s like to open your first bar.