Kylie Javier Ashton Episode

In this episode we have Kylie Javier Ashton joining us. Kylie is the General Manager for Momofuku Seiōbo in Sydney – one of Australia’s most famous and renowned restaurants – and is also our curator for our Customer Service modules on Ananas. In addition to Momofuku she also has a hand in managing the wine list for her husband, Luke Ashton’s, award winning cocktail bar: This Must be the Place, as well as taking part as a judge in the Appetite for Excellence Awards, and participating in a number of other industry initiatives.

In addition to collecting a number of awards for Momofuku, Kylie has also been individually recognised for her outstanding efforts and talents and was awarded 'Restaurant Manager of the Year' in the inaugural Women in Foodservice Awards 2017. As well as winning the Award for Service Excellence as part of the 2018 Good Food Guide in Australia.

Kylie is just super inspirational, and seems to have boundless amounts of energy. Her approach to the hospitality profession is fantastic and I learnt a lot from hanging out and talking with her. I believe this was our longest podcast to date, and to be honest I had so many more questions to ask.