Raj Nagra

In this episode we have the one and only Raj Nagra. Raj was recently visiting Sydney for the launch of his Bartender Boxing Organisation during Sydney Bar week and managed to find some time in his hectic schedule to visit us here at Ananas, where we enjoyed some fine whisky, a few shots of tequila, and of course some great banter

Raj has worked all over the world in a variety of roles, but is perhaps most famous for his role as the global brand ambassador for Bombay Sapphire gin
He’s recently left this enviable position to work full-time on growing his Bartender Boxing Organisation around the world

Raj, is an absolute gentleman, always well dressed, always well spoken and considerate and I had an amazing time catching up with Raj on all things bar and booze as well as a number of topics including mental and physical health in our industry, the entrepreneurial journey at large as well as the many learnings he’s had whilst travelling the world as a brand ambassador extraordinaire