Simon Ford Episode

In this episode we have Simon Ford joining us – Simon is the founder and Managing Director of the 86 Co, a boutique spirits company which launched in 2012, and includes amongst other brands the award winning Ford’s Gin. Simon Ford has to be one of the most highly regarded bar professionals in the world. He won the prestigious title for International Brand Ambassador of the year at the Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail as far back as 2007, and then again for US Brand Ambassador of the Year in 2009, both times for his work on Plymouth Gin.

Simon has to be one of the absolute leading experts on Gin, which is why we are super grateful to not only have him on this Podcast, but to have him as our curator for all Gin content on the Ananas platform.
Simon is also well known for his role as Chairman and Host of the Spirited Awards, and is a well known and popular presenter, speaker and competition judge at numerous bar and industry shows and conferences around the world.
I was lucky enough to catch up with Simon on a recent visit to Los Angeles where he was kind enough to spend the day with me and sharing some of his vast knowledge and contagious passion for our industry over first some coffee, then later some champagne – as you do…
So without much further ado – let’s get into it!